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We’ve updated our current listings tabs on! Check out all currently available K Team listings and browse around for others in the area, inquire about a property, or even request a showing! Go to to check it out for yourself. We keep doing it!

When on 1st Street

When you see this sign on 1 St in Winter Haven, you know you’re in the right place 😎 Whether you want to rent, buy, or sell, we’re the ones to call. Let us show you what makes us different. Relax. You’re home. (863) 604-6220


The winner of our K Team Logo contest is Carson with logo number 4! Thank you to everyone who voted and thank you to WGC Rentals for helping make the pot sweeter. We may have to find somewhere to hang these in the office 🤔

We need YOUR help settling a friendly competition

This past weekend, Zac’s daughter, Lola, had a few of her friends over and Zac made a K Team logo competition for them to win some money to Lululemon, the winner would be picked by a team vote at the office. However, we’re pretty split on the results, so we need YOUR help picking a […]

Wish Jacob Luck!!

Our property manager, Jacob Brown, has a huge event coming up this weekend! He’ll be competing in Submission Hunter Pro 69 in Orlando on Saturday representing Carlson Gracie Winter Haven. We couldn’t be more proud of him and can’t wait to see him put his years of effort and skill to the test!


ZAC’S RECOVERY UPDATE, WE’RE BACK IN JEANS BABY!!! After coming into the office for the last few months in shorts because of his cast, he’s back in jeans and walking better than ever. Not too much longer til he’s back on the skateboard 🛹🛹

Welcome to The K Team, Brenden!

Today we’re introducing our new full-time Marketing Associate Brenden Falgien! He’s going to be handling database outreach, print advertisement, property pictures, website maintenance, and more. We couldn’t be more excited to have him onboard and a part of the team!!

All smiles here at The K Team!

At The K Team, we provide concierge-level service with a smile 😁 Call today to see what sets us apart! (863) 604-6220