Buying a new home is exciting!

However, purchasing real estate can be extremely difficult to navigate without the guidance of a trained and experienced professional acting as your advocate. At The K Team, we have assembled a staff of Buyer Specialists and Transaction Coordinators to ensure that your personalized buying experience will let you be at ease every step of the way. Setting a client up with an MLS search and opening a front door is the easiest responsibilities a solid Realtor performs. Attention to detail, the highest standards of service and the support of our highly qualified administrative staff are what set The K Team apart and turn our offers into CLOSED transactions. The K Team’s founder, Cathy “K”, has set a remarkable example with her concierge level service and every K Team member adheres to her “Client First” mentality. So whether you are buying your first home, your last home, an investment property, a vacation home or anything in between, The K Team will be honored to expertly guide you through that process.

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